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    Pests To Lookout for this Winter!

    Pests To Lookout for this Winter! Nuisance wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons often invade homes through attics or chimneys in search of a denning site. Screen any open vents… read more →

    How To Identify Mice Infestations

    We all have a certain image in mind when we think of mouse holes, and it usually comes straight out of Tom & Jerry – a perfect half circle in… read more →

    Surprising Mouse Facts | Mouse Control & Pest Control Experts

    Surprising Mouse Facts Many US homeowners will deal with a mouse infestation at one point or another. However, even though we might hate these pests, we still have to respect… read more →

    Is The House Centipede Dangerous?

    We all know that house centipedes are very creepy, but are they also dangerous? House centipedes are pests that enter the home as the temperatures start to drop, where they… read more →

    Ultimate Guide To Norway Rats

    When you deal with a rat infestation in the home, the species responsible is most likely the Norway rat. Norway rats are usually brown in coloration, with black hairs here… read more →

    Cockroach Prevention Tips

    Cockroaches prefer warm, moist places with available food sources, so eliminating those attractive environments can help prevent cockroach infestations. First Rate Pest Solutions offers the following tips to avoid cockroach… read more →

    How To Get Rid Of Rats Quickly

    Rats are never welcome inside the home. Not only are they unsightly, they also carry numerous diseases and can damage the building. They can chew through walls, insulation and even… read more →

    The Factors That Make Bed Bugs Exceptionally Unique Insect House Pests

    The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is one of the most frequently managed insect pest species within homes and buildings throughout the US, and many pest control professionals agree that… read more →

    How Do You Know When All The Mice Have Been Exterminated? First Rate Pest Control Solutions

    If you have mice in your home and you decided to go with a DIY approach to controlling them, you might be wondering how you can tell when you’ve exterminated… read more →

    Your Guide To Yellowjackets

    Yellowjackets are very common pests during the summer and fall in the US. They are stinging insects, similar to wasps and bees, with a black and yellow color pattern, and… read more →

    How Long Does A House Mouse Live?

    The lifespan of a house mouse depends on numerous factors, but given the right conditions, a mouse can live up to 12 months. If there is plenty of food, shelter… read more →

    What You Need To Know About Spiders

    Spiders are predatory insects that can spin silk. They form the largest portion of the Arachnid group, which they share with ticks and scorpions. Most spiders have the ability to… read more →

    Spider Sightings Increase in Fall Months

    Spiders aren’t a seasonal pest, but many homeowners tend to notice an increased presence in their homes in the early fall months as the arachnids become more obvious while they… read more →

    How Transplants Reverse Brain Aging In Mice

    Our brains start to slow down as we age. However, new testing performed on mice indicates that this process may be reversed, but you might not like how. As it… read more →

    Some Interesting Spider Facts

    Certain insect species have fascinated human beings since they first came into contact with us. You have ants, bees, butterflies and of course spiders. Spiders are some of the easiest… read more →

    The Most Common Problems Cause By Norway Rats

    Norway rats are very smart, very paranoid animals. Over time, they have learned that while living close to people is dangerous, it is a lot safer than living out in… read more →

    How To Prevent Tick Bites

    If you want to make the most of your summer, it’s a good idea to have a plan for how to deal with ticks. Nothing can ruin a great day… read more →

    5 Pest Prevention Tips | New York Pest Control Experts

    Protection and prevention are key to avoiding encounters with dangerous pests. Enjoy a pest-free summer with these five tips: Look for Breeding Grounds: Eliminate areas of standing water around the… read more →

    Guide To Jumping Spider Bites

    Jumping spiders are ubiquitous. There are thousands of different jumping spider species, with 300 of them being native to the US. However, despite their creepiness, this species is not dangerous… read more →

    The Differences Between Yellowjackets And Honeybees

    The Differences Between Yellowjackets And Honeybees Yellowjackets and honeybees are two very different insects, even though they may seem to be related at first. To start, the two do share… read more →

    Forget Bird Baths, These Crows Go For Ant Baths

    Crows are both frightening and intriguing birds that have been a part of numerous myths from all over the world. They have a startling level of intelligence, they eat carrion,… read more →

    How Spider Silk Could Replace Plastics

    Plastic pollution poses a great threat to our environment, but apparently, spider webs may be the answer to our problems. Despite all our technological prowess, we are still struggling to… read more →

    How The Norway Rat Conquered New York | Westchester NY Rat Control Experts

    Norway rats are a staple in any big city, with billions of them living in cities across the world, and millions of them living in New York in particular. And… read more →

    What Do Bed Bugs Do Within Infested Homes While Residents Sleep?

    Bed bugs have been pests to mankind for thousands of years, and long before the establishment of the first civilizations. In fact, the bloodsucking insects are mentioned in some of… read more →

    Tips To Prevent Pest Invasion On Your Rental Property

    When you own a rental property, there are certain types of tenants you do not want. You do not want bugs and rodents to take up residence in your property.… read more →

    Summer Season Calls for Increased Protective Measures Against Mosquitoes and Ticks

    First Rate Solutions encourages the public to wear insect repellent when spending time outdoors Mosquito and tick populations are on the rise again as the country enjoys the summer season.… read more →

    How To Tell Mice and Rats Apart

    There are more than 1,500 rodent species around the world, and they include chinchillas, beavers, squirrels, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters. However, as soon as we hear the word “rodents”… read more →

    Keep Wasps Away From Your Balcony

    Have you ever encountered nuisance wasps while you are enjoying a beautiful view from your balcony? What if you are standing on your balcony and suddenly, these aggressive wasps sting… read more →

    How To Get Rid of Ants?

    Ants are the mightiest pests with superhuman strengths. These critters have invaded the entire globe. We are talking about ants. These ants are good for nature as they aid the… read more →

    Bee Infestations In Your Home: The Risks Involved

    Bees are the most aggressive insects, who will not hesitate to sting to protect their home even if it is located in your home. We all understand the bees are… read more →

    Are You Allergic To Ants?

    Are You Allergic To Ants? Ants are habitual to live inside the colonies. These are plentiful in the world. They will only harm you if they feel threatened by you.… read more →

    Norway Rat 411

    Not many people like rats, and nobody wants them in their house. Norway rats live everywhere outside and can enter your house at any time. Fortunately, this does not happen… read more →

    How to Enjoy a Bee-Free Environment

    What a lovely summer day where you can lounge on the grass, soak up the sun, and enjoy a full-packed meal. Of course, you cannot forget the company of your… read more →

    Tips For Preventing Spider Infestations In Your Home

    Spiders are one of the most feared pests, sometimes with good reason and sometimes due to a phobia. The phobias are not always irrational, a brown recluse or a black… read more →

    Identifying Bed Bug Bites

    Bed bug bites are the most obvious signs of the presence of bed bugs on your premises. Bed bugs are difficult to detect as they can hide in hard-to-reach places… read more →

    How to keep cockroaches away from your home

    Cockroach infestations are not just bothersome, they are extremely resilient and adaptable, and hence, removing them becomes difficult. Cockroaches are known to carry and spread diseases by contaminating our food.… read more →

    Winter Pest Prevention Reminders!

    Although some pests like mosquitoes seem to be out of sight in most areas of the country now that the weather is too cool, there are still many pests looking… read more →

    Tips From The Professionals: Preventing Mouse Infestations

    If you have a mouse infestation, you can find some solace in the fact that you are not alone. At least 21 million homes in the US have a rodent… read more →

    Researchers Have Used Magnetic Fields To Control Brain Cells In Mice

    Scientists were able to activate brain cells in mice using magnetic fields and in turn make them spin, run and freeze in place. Through these experiments scientists could be able… read more →

    Humanity Saw Its Most Human, Mouse-Human Hybrid Yet

    A new mouse-human embryo has been created  and it contained up to 4% human cells. This is the highest human cell content out of any chimera. A chimera by the… read more →

    Arctic Squirrels Recycle Their Bodies To Survive Winter

    Arctic ground squirrels can survive long, harsh winters with temperatures far below freezing, and they can go for up to eight months without eating. This is because arctic ground squirrels hibernate… read more →

    How Long Have Rodent Pests Been Living Among Humans, And How Often Do Norway Rats Travel Into Homes Directly From Sewer Systems?

    More than 2,000 rodent species have been documented worldwide, but only a very small minority of these species are known to be pests in human settings. The most ubiquitous rodents… read more →

    6 Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation: Droppings: Finding droppings in the home is one of the most common signs of a rodent infestation. Homeowners often find these where food is stored,… read more →

    Field Ants Build Unsightly And Destructive Nests In Yards

    Field Ants Build Unsightly And Destructive Nests In Yards, And They Are Known To Spray Formic Acid On People’s Skin When They Invade Homes Ants are one of those invasive… read more →

    Are There Rodent Pests In New York State That Are Capable Of Transmitting The Deadly Hantavirus Infection?

    Four rodent species that are known pests of homes and buildings in the United States are capable of spreading multiple strains of hantaviruses. These rodent species include cotton rats and… read more →

    Why The Little Black Ants That Are Prevalent In New York State Can Be Very Difficult To Eliminate From Infested Homes

    With the exception of flies, residents of New York state consistently rank ants as the most frequent home-invading insect pests. Luckily for New York residents, the ant species that inflict… read more →

    What Does It Mean When Pests Are Referred To As ‘Occasional,’ ‘Peridomestic,’ And ‘Domestic’ Species, And Which Of These Three Types Of Pests Are Most Difficult To Control?

    Many common pests of homes and buildings are not well adapted for indoor life. Examples include overwintering pests like boxelder bugs, seasonal pests like psocids, moisture-dependent pests like millipedes, and… read more →

    Do Biting Stable Flies Overwinter Within Urban And Suburban Homes?

    Do Biting Stable Flies Overwinter Within Urban And Suburban Homes? The airborne insects commonly known as house flies (Musca domestica), and their many similar looking relatives like blow flies and… read more →

    The Non-Native Asiatic Wall Spider Has Evolved To Live Solely Within Homes And Buildings Throughout New York State

    A countless number of spider species can be found in the state of New York, and most of these species inhabit rural areas where they are very rarely encountered by… read more →

    Interactive Pest & Insect Games For Kids!

    LOVE GAMES? PLAY THE INTERACTIVE INSECT AND PEST GAMES, OR TRY TO ACE OUR QUIZZES ON BUG TRIVIA. Mysterious and exciting, the world of pests challenges us to understand what… read more →

    Mosquito Prevention a Must For Homeowners this Season

    Mosquito Prevention a Must For Homeowners this Season To prevent the health risks that can potentially accompany an already-pesky mosquito bite, be sure to follow these mosquito prevention tips from… read more →

    What Do Bed Bugs Do When Their Human Host Is In His/Her Deepest State Of Sleep During The Early Morning Hours? 

    Unlike many parasitic organisms, bed bugs do not remain attached to their blood host at all times; instead, they secretly cohabitate with their human host by hiding in concealed spaces… read more →

    Mosquito Pests Are Becoming Resistant To DEET Repellent, But Experts State That More Effective Repellents Are Widely Available

    Around 70 mosquito species have been documented in New York state, and some of these species are considered pests due to their habit of biting humans in urban and suburban… read more →

    What are some precautions that can be taken to help prevent mosquito bites?

    There are a number of precautions that people can take to protect their home and family from mosquitoes. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recommends the following tips: Eliminate or… read more →

    Why Is House Mouse Behavior Within Homes And Buildings So Complex, And Why Are They More Difficult To Control Than Other Rodent Pests?

    Experience with crushing bugs and being a skilled bug-spray marksman will not qualify a person for a job as a pest control professional. In fact, there are several pest management… read more →

    At What Time Of Year Do Foul-Smelling Oriental Cockroaches Invade Homes In Large Numbers?

    While Oriental cockroaches primarily live outside, they will enter homes when the weather outside becomes inhospitable to their survival or their population outside gets so large that the pests run… read more →

    How Do The Three Primary Cockroach Pests In New York State Enter Homes, And How Do They Contaminate Human Foods And Indoor Surfaces?

    Along with flies and ants, cockroaches are the most common indoor insect pests in the world, and they are probably the most hated as well. In addition to being aesthetically… read more →

    The First Thing Seasoned Pest Control Professionals Do When Inspecting Homes For House Mice

    Experts say that rodent pests are becoming more prevalent in urban and suburban regions throughout the world, and pest control companies in the US are feeling this increase. The seemingly… read more →

    Important Things To Keep In Mind When Pest-Proofing Homes

    Very few people become excited upon finding insect pests within their home, and even the most die-hard of insect enthusiasts dread the possibility of their home becoming infested with insect… read more →

    How Did The Non-Native Pavement Ant Arrive In The US Where It Is Now The Most Common Ant Pest?

    The three most common ant pests in the northeastern United States are commonly known carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. Carpenter ants are easily recognizable for being noticeably… read more →

    Oriental Cockroaches Invade Homes By Traveling Along Pipes, And They Are Commonly Associated With Foul Odors

    The most significant cockroach pests found in homes throughout New York state include American, German, Oriental and brown-banded cockroaches. German and brown-banded cockroaches are unique for being two of the… read more →

    The Laziness Of Cockroach Pests Make Them Difficult To Eliminate From Infested Homes

    Cockroaches are one of the most ancient terrestrial organisms, and experts state that the earliest species were around ten times as large as today’s species. Cockroaches are notorious for being… read more →

    Yellow Sac Spiders Inflict More Bites To Humans Than Any Other Spider Species In The US, And They Rest Within Little Sacs Suspended From Ceilings And Other Indoor Areas

    Humans are naturally wary of spiders, and rightly so, considering the very deadly bites some of them can inflict. There are a number of venomous spiders out there that homeowners… read more →

    Which Spider Species Do Pest Control Professionals Manage Within Homes Most Frequently

    Many of the spiders residents find in their homes wander indoors inadvertently, but some spider species are accustomed to living alongside humans within structures. According to a recent nationwide survey… read more →

    Why Black-Tailed Mosquitoes Are Largely Responsible For The Spread Of EEE In New York

    Culiseta melanura, or the “black-tailed mosquito” is a mosquito species found in the eastern United States where it’s considered the primary vector of eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). Although black-tailed mosquitoes… read more →

    Coronavirus: Message to Our Customers

    During this uncertain time, our customers’ health and well being is our highest priority. As we continue monitoring developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), rest assured, we are committed to doing… read more →

    What Makes Residential Gardens Attractive To Destructive Rats?

    Norway rats excavate ground burrows for the purpose of nesting, and they typically contain a tunnel entrance that leads to a food source. These burrows are usually a few feet… read more →

    The Most Common And Destructive Termite Pest Species In The Country Will Soon Be Swarming In New York State

    There exists three groups of termites known as subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites, and species from all three of these groups inhabit the US. Drywood and dampwood termites can only… read more →

    When Does Mosquito Season Begin And End In New York State, And How Can Residents Recognize Disease-Spreading Species?

    The beginning and end of the mosquito season varies slightly from year-to-year in all areas around the globe. According to Laura Harrington, a professor of entomology at Cornell University, mosquito… read more →

    Which Medical Conditions Are Most Commonly Associated With House Mouse Infestations

    The house mouse is easily the most common rodent pest within homes, garages, sheds, urban buildings, barns and other structures. House mice are well adapted to living alongside humans, as… read more →

    Are Norway Rats Smart Enough To Avoid Poison Baits?

    It is well known that rats are relatively smart, at least when it comes to filthy sewer-dwelling animals, but are the rodents smart enough to discern between sound food sources… read more →

    How To Recognize Structural Wood Damage Inflicted By Deathwatch Beetles

    When asked to name a group of insect pests that infest structural wood within homes and buildings, most people would immediately mention termites, and some may mention carpenter ants, but… read more →

    Full-Sized German Cockroaches Can Traverse Through A Home Within Spaces As Small As 1.6 mm In Width

    German cockroaches are the most common roach pests of homes and buildings throughout the US, and they are one of the very few pest species that dwell primarily within homes,… read more →

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    4 Invasive Pest Species You Need To Be Aware Of

    When new invasive species enter the US ecosystem, the effects can be unpredictable. These species often do not have any predators in their new environments, which allows their populations to… read more →

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