How Do You Know When All The Mice Have Been Exterminated? First Rate Pest Control Solutions

If you have mice in your home and you decided to go with a DIY approach to controlling them, you might be wondering how you can tell when you’ve exterminated all the mice. Well, in this article, we’re going to tell you which signs to look for in order to find out if the infestation persists.

Gauging the presence of mice

The most persistent sign of a mouse infestation will be the presence of droppings in the home. However, you will have to know where to look in order to find these droppings. Mice are very elusive and careful in their surroundings, so they will usually try to hide their droppings behind appliances and furniture. It is only when an infestation is very large that you will start to see droppings in more visible areas.

So if you have a mouse infestation and you decide to go with either traps or poisons in removing the mice, you will have to keep an eye out for droppings in these more hidden locations in order to gauge if the infestation is ongoing after your control efforts. There are situations in which the mice will become accustomed to the presence of the traps or the poisons and start to avoid them in order to survive.

Understanding how mice travel

If your home is connected to another apartment or building, you might be able to remove all the mice from your house, but still have an infestation next door. The mice will be able to travel between homes and survive your extermination efforts. This is why you might still have an infestation in the building but no visible outward signs.

The only way to remove the infestation in this case is with the help of a pro and with the consent of your neighbors/landlord. Otherwise you are at risk of reinfestation despite keeping your home or apartment clean and well protected.

There are also a variety of unexpected factors that come into play during a rodent infestation, so there is really no one-size-fits-all fix for getting house mice under control. If you have implemented a set of DIY measures, and you have noticed that the infestation has not been diminished, you might need the help of a pro. Contact us today if you are having persistent issues with house mouse infestations.