Why Sometimes Baits Don’t Work On Norway Rats

Bait is essential in the rat control process, whether you are using traps or poisons. If the bait is used improperly, no control method will ever work against an infestation, and as such, baiting might be the most important part of the whole process. Let’s take a look at some common issues that people have with their baits.

Bad baits

Not all baits are created equal. For example, you might think that cheese is a good bait for rats. After all, it’s basically the best rat food according to popular culture. However, that is far from the truth. Rats do not like cheese that much, and would rather go for dried meat, hotdogs and especially peanut butter. So one of the reasons that your traps are not catching any rats, or your poisons aren’t being eaten is because you are not using the right type of bait.

Bad positioning

If a bait is too out of the way, the rat will simply not eat it. The bait has to be placed along rat pathways and in areas with high levels of rat activity. You can detect these pathways by the grease marks that will appear with repeated use, and areas with high levels of rat activity will usually have droppings in them. Once you place your baits along these locations, you will start to see much better results.

Using the wrong control method

There are two main rat control methods – traps and poisons. Both of these methods will require baits, but each method should be used in a specific circumstance. For example, traps are very effective against small infestations, but as the infestations get larger, the traps can no longer cut it.

So with the right approach, baiting should not be an issue. However, as you can see, there are a lot of factors that you have to take into account, and this is why it’s best to work with a pro whenever you have a rat infestation. A pro will be able to get the control procedures working right from the get go, which will not only increase the speed with which the infestation is removed, it will also improve the effectiveness of the control effort, ensuring that all the rats in the home are removed. For more information about baiting Norway rats, or if you have an infestation that has to be removed, contact us today.