Norway Rat Bait Problems? Check Out This Guide

Whether you use poisons or traps to get rid of a Norway rat infestation, you will need to use baits. Baits will draw in the rats to your control method of choice, and if you are not careful with how you place your baits, and the types of baits that you use, your control method will be ineffective. Let’s take a look at why people have bait problems when dealing with rats.

Why the baits don’t work

There are several reasons why the baits that you’ve set up are not effective. Let’s start with the right types of baits that you should use. Rats like to eat foods that are high in protein, sugars, and calories. Cheese might seem like a great idea to use as bait, but as it turns out, it’s not really at the top of the list for rats. Instead you should go with something like a hotdog, candy, or, the best option – peanut butter.

You then have to think about positioning. Rats are neophobic which means they do not trust anything new in their environment. On top of that, they have no intention of leaving the safety of a dark corner and will stick to known paths. So if you want rats to take the bait, you have to make sure that they think the bait is safe and that it is located somewhere close to their existing paths. If you are using traps for example, place the trap near a pathway, with bait on it, but do not arm it. Wait for the rat to eat the bait a few times, before arming it and killing the rat. Rats will also avoid baits and areas that have killed other rats, so as time goes on, you have to get more creative with your approach.

Hiring a pest control pro to help

Having problems with the bait can really hamper the pest control process and it can lead to an incomplete removal of the infestation, which is why it’s best to hire a pro to deal with Norway rats. These rats are quite smart and they are fierce survivalists, so removing them is difficult. For more information about how baits can be used effectively against these rodents, or if you have a Norway rat infestation in your home and you need professional help to get it under control, contact us today.