Short Guide To Bait Stations

Every household will have to deal with a pest infestation at a certain point, and odds are that the pest responsible for the infestation will be a rat. Rat infestations pose a number of structural and health hazards, and one of the best ways to deal with an infestation is the bait station.

But how do bait stations get rid of rats exactly? Bait stations are different from traps in that they do not capture or kill rats instantly. Instead, the bait station will contain a poison that is only reachable by a rat, keeping your pets and your children safe from any accidents. The rats will eat the poisoned bait and then they will die somewhere else, usually a few hours or a few days later, depending on the poison that is used.

How do bait stations work

Rat infestations are very serious. Not only are rats filthy animals, they can also cause damage to the home, and they can spread a number of dangerous diseases that can land you in the hospital. On top of that, rats reproduce very quickly, so a couple of rats can turn into a couple dozen in a matter of months. As their numbers increase, so does the danger that they pose.

When it comes to control, you have two main options at your disposal – traps or poisons. Traps can be very effective against small numbers of rats, but when you are dealing with a very large infestation, or the rat pathways and congregation areas are hard to reach, poisons are the better option. The problem with poisons however is that they can be dangerous to pets and humans as well. This is where the bait station comes in. Bait stations are built to be tamper resistant, and they serve as a safe container for the poison.

A professional pest control specialist will most likely use bait stations if poisoning the rats is the appropriate course of action in order to remove the infestation. The main drawback of the bait station is the same one that you would have with regular poisons – the rats may die in hard to reach areas. Sometimes, rats get poisoned, they enter a wall void, and they die inside it. Some pest control pros will offer to remove the rat carcasses for you, while others will not. Make sure to talk to your pest control pro about this before going forward with the control procedure.

If you would like to know more about bait stations or the pest control options that you have at your disposal, contact us today.