How To Get Rid Of Rats Quickly

Rats are never welcome inside the home. Not only are they unsightly, they also carry numerous diseases and can damage the building. They can chew through walls, insulation and even electrical wiring, causing fire hazards. Don’t worry though, rats can be removed quickly with the right approach.

The inspection

First, you want to find out the scope and extent of the infestation. For this, you will have to perform an inspection. Rats are creatures that prefer dark corners and pathways, so you will have to look for signs of their presence behind and underneath furniture, appliances and other household items. If you see droppings or grease marks behind these items, you can be certain that you have a rat infestation.

Sealing the gaps

One of the best ways to make sure that you will not have a rat infestation is to remove all entry points into the home. In order to do this, you will have to seal all gaps that are larger than half an inch. Rats are very flexible and they will be able to squeeze through very small spaces in their search for food and shelter.

Clean up

One of the main things that make your home appealing to rats is clutter. Rats will look for dirty places to hide and to travel through, so if you have clutter in your garage, attic or basement, you are basically inviding rats in. Clear up the clutter and you will make your home less appealing.

Traps and poisons

Traps and poisons can be used for both control and prevention. If you already have an infestation indoors, you can place the traps or poisons to kill the rats. If you do not have an infestation yet, but you live in an area where rat infestations are common, you can place traps and poisons in your yard to make sure that you catch any rats trying to enter the home.

Calling a pro

If all else fails and an infestation gets out of control, your last option is to call over a pest control professional who will remove the infestation for you completely. With a pro, you can be certain that all the rats on your property will be removed fast. Contact us today if you need a hand with a rat infestation that survives all your other pest control efforts.