5 Ways to Keep you Children Safe from Bug Bites – First Rate Pest Solutions

With the sunny weather upon us, children enjoy playing outside with friends and family. Although the weather is better for outdoor fun in the summer, it does come with a lot of varying insects that like to bite. Here are some tips and tricks to prevent your kids from getting bitten.

  1. Spray Repellents
  • The best method for using spray repellents for children is spraying it into your hands and rubbing it on any exposed skin. This method prevents the child from breathing in any fumes and allows for better coverage. Find a spray that you and your child like and make sure to use and apply consistently. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, repellent for children should contain no more than 30% DEET and is not recommended for children under two months. You can check out the CDC guidelines for children’s bug spray to learn more about the right choice in a spray repellent.
  1. Avoid Strong Scents
  • Using non-scented lotions, soaps and sunscreens for the summertime are helpful when not wanting to attract any insect attention. Most bugs are attracted to strong smells that are found in most products so, it is best to ditch them for the hotter months.
  1. Repellent Bracelet
  • Such as the spray repellent, insect-repellent bracelets help in getting rid of any unwanted bites. These bracelets are infused with essential oils that deter bugs. While this is helpful to repel bugs, using the spray as well is still important.
  1. Rubbing Alcohol and Itch Cream
  • If your child is bit by an insect, it is best to clean the bite with rubbing alcohol. This will prevent irritation or infection. The alcohol will also act as a temporary itch relief as well. Along with this, the use of itch cream or medication is helpful for any discomfort, itching or swelling.
  1. Watch the Area
  • The most important thing to do is to keep an eye on the infected area. Monitor the bite and make sure there are no abnormal reactions. Some bug bites can spark an infection or allergic reaction and it is important that your child has medical help for any of these issues.

We here at First Rate Pest Solutions care about your family. Have you seen any unwanted insects or pests in your backyard? Give us a call so we can ensure that your child has plenty of safe play space.