Tips From The Professionals: Preventing Mouse Infestations

If you have a mouse infestation, you can find some solace in the fact that you are not alone. At least 21 million homes in the US have a rodent infestation. However, that is a very small consolation, if it is a consolation at all. Mouse infestations are very unpleasant. The mice can do damage to your home and your health, which makes getting rid of them a top priority. In this article, we’re going to go over some tips from professional pest controllers and help you prevent a mouse infestation effectively.

  1. Use lidded cans for your trash

Garbage is a big draw for mice. There’s a ton of food and nesting material in those bags, and mice will do their best to get inside and take the trash for themselves. This is why it’s important to have lidded trash cans that can seal the bags of garbage inside so that no mice can reach it. It will keep these pesky little pests off your property.

  1. Fill any gaps/holes in the exterior walls of your home

Mice will find any hole in the exterior of your home, holes as narrow as the diameter of a pen, and squeeze. This means that even if you don’t see any obvious entry points, you might still have holes large enough in your door sweeps, pipe chases, or AC line entry points for a mouse to squeeze in. Make sure that you plug these holes in order to fully pest proof your home.

  1. Remove any food sources

If you leave food out in the open, even if it is something as innocent as a fruit bowl, or an open box of cereal, you will attract unwanted guests into your home, particularly mice. They will be attracted to a wide variety of food, including the food you leave out for your pets. Make sure that all food is kept in sealed containers and out of the reach of any tiny mammals.

  1. Unclutter your home

Clutter is a perfect environment for a mouse. It can find a hiding place in so many nooks and crannies. When you remove all the clutter in your home, mice will have a much harder time to go undetected, and it will allow you to notice an infestation much sooner. On top of that, clutter usually hides unsanitary conditions which attract mice by themselves.

  1. Fix any leaks

Leaky pipes attract rodents, because they are a source of moisture, and they act as a watering hole where these little pests can come to drink. By fixing any of these leaks in your home, your property becomes much less attractive to mice.

Dealing with an existing infestation

Once the mice are already in your home, it’s time to move from prevention to control, and for this, your best bet is to hire a professional, especially if the infestation starts to get out of hand. If you believe you have a mouse infestation, contact us today and he will help you get it under control.