How Are Wasps Controlled? | Wasp Control Experts

Unlike bees, pest wasps contribute very little to their environment. Normally, they would keep other insect populations in check and help a little bit with pollination. However, when they infest a backyard, they are mostly drawn to garbage and any sugary or protein-rich foods found inside. On top of that, they are very dangerous when they try to defend their nests. As such, it’s important to get rid of any wasp populations that show up on your property. Let’s take a look at how a pest control professional deals with wasps.

Visible nests

If wasp nests are out in the open and their entries are accessible, then the pest control pro will apply insecticides near these entries during the day, when most of the wasps are out foraging. The result of this action will be that any wasps that enter the nest as they come back from foraging will become poisoned and die. The same will happen as the wasps leave the nest. Basically, the nest becomes completely unusable, and will lead to the death of the entire colony.

Hidden nests

Dealing with nests that are not out in the open, or hard to reach is a bit more difficult, but the colony can still be completely destroyed. To destroy these nests, the pest control pro will apply an insecticide that lingers in the area surrounding the nest, so that whenever wasps travel to and from the nest, they will be poisoned. The mechanism is similar to the one used to control open nests, but it works very well when dealing with nests that are in enclosed areas with an inaccessible entryway.

Wasp baits and traps

Wasp baits and traps can be used if you are dealing with wasps that do not have a nest on your property. These baits and traps will draw in wasp workers that wander on your property and would otherwise bother you. They are a great option if you eat outdoors often with wasps buzzing around.

Working with a pro

To remove a wasp nest, it’s best to work with a pest control pro, since the wasps get quite dangerous when their nests are threatened. A pro will be able to safely and effectively get rid of the wasp colony on your property, and then remove the nest structure itself so that it will not be occupied by future wasp populations. For more information about the wasp control process, or if you have a wasp infestation on your property, contact us today.