How to Enjoy a Bee-Free Environment

What a lovely summer day where you can lounge on the grass, soak up the sun, and enjoy a full-packed meal. Of course, you cannot forget the company of your friends and family. Wait, who cannot remember the company of a six-legged flying moocher ready to prey on your feast!

The bees are pretty interested to join you in dinner. So, how do you enjoy a bee-free dinner.

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Here are few suggestions to safely keep these buzzing creatures out of your fruit salad:

Play and Keep Away:

Unlike mosquitoes, bees are not attracted towards humans but attracted towards the floral smell. This smell comes from the deodorants, the lotion, and the hair products that we use.

  • Avoid wearing unscented products.
  • To mask the scents, use an insect repellant.
  • If you are hiking, tuck the dryer sheet into your pocket.

Practice the art of disguise:

You can hide the smell of your food with a clever camouflage.

  • Scatter cloves or mint across your meal table.
  • You can also put a pot of one or two marigolds as it repels the bees away.


Keep trash bags that are tightly closed. Use tight lids to cover your food inside the containers. It reduces to spill out the aroma that may entice these pesky pests. Keep the barbeque under the wraps. Because the smell not only attracts humans but also attracts the buzzing bees.

Bait and switch:

Pour some flat soda, fruit juice, or maple syrup into a bowl. Keep the bowl away from your picnic. The bees will get attracted to the sugary smell and pursue it instead of spoiling your lunch. Try to set the bait before you begin your lunch. The bees will try to communicate the location of the food source.

Set a simple dressed table:

Avoid wearing bright clothes and putting floral tablecloth for your picnic meal. If they found you attractive with these floral prints, you can bet that the curious bees will try to come and investigate.

Do a little house-keeping:

Try to eradicate their hiding places if you are entertaining at home and have unwanted bees on your property. Bees make their hives near tall grasses and around the play structures. Call professional pest control experts if you find a beehive on your property.

Wrapping up:

The buzzing bees create a nuisance to your property and spoil your picnic. But these creatures are a vital link in the food chain process. The honey bee pollinates the plant that we love, but the population is decreasing, which is bad news for humanity. A pest control professional can help to remove your bee problem without causing harm to the colony, which might prove fruitful for nature in some other form.

So, enjoy your outdoor lunch and picnic this summer without worrying. Think about the eco-system these days, accordingly prepare so that you can maintain a safe distance with the buzzing bees. Also, do not hesitate to call pest control services to solve your bee or wasp issue.