The Differences Between Yellowjackets And Honeybees

The Differences Between Yellowjackets And Honeybees

Yellowjackets and honeybees are two very different insects, even though they may seem to be related at first. To start, the two do share several things in common – their nest structure, their ability to fly and sting, and their coloration. But the similarities pretty much end there. Bees for example can only sting once, and if they lose their stinger they die, while yellowjackets can sting multiple times. Yellowjackets are also a carnivorous insect species feeding on meat and other insects.

How to tell the difference

While the two species share the same yellow with black markings, yellowjackets have a brighter, shinier yellow. They are also hairless, and their waist is much thinner. Honeybees on the other hand are rounder, their colors are less bright, and they have a fuzz on their body.

Honeybees are also relatively safe to have around the home. They are not very aggressive, and they will pollinate your garden. They can be removed from the property, but the process usually involves the nest being picked up by someone from your local beekeeper’s association. Yellowjackets, on the other hand, can be very aggressive, especially if their nests are threatened.

Controlling a yellowjacket infestation

Yellowjackets can be quite dangerous if their nests are disturbed, so removing the colony yourself should be out of the question. There are however products on the market that can lessen the impact the infestation has on your day to day life while you are outdoors. These products include baits and sprays. Keep in mind however that when a yellowjacket dies, it emits a pheromone that will draw its nest mates to that location. Sometimes this works well when you are using baits and you want to take out a bunch of them, but it can be detrimental if you squash a yellowjacket or if you use a kill-on-contact spray insecticide.

The best way to deal with an entire colony and remove the source of the infestation is to call over a pest control specialist. A pro will have the right equipment and products for the job, along with the experience and expertise to thoroughly remove the yellowjacket presence from your property. Contact us today if you have any issues with yellowjackets and set up an appointment. We will send someone over to take care of the infestation in the most effective way possible no matter how well hidden the wasp nest is.