How to Keep Mice Away From Your Home This January

As the cold January winds start blowing, the chances of discovering unwelcomed guests in your homes such as mice, rats and other rodents increase drastically. This is due to the fact that as the weather gets colder, rodents seek food, warmth, and water. Unfortunately, homes provide all three of these things making them the ideal shelter for mice this time of year. But, with a few preventive measures, you can prevent your home from turning into a rodent hotel. In this blog post, we’ll discuss methods to keep mice away from your home throughout the month of January.

1. Seal All Entry Points
Mice can squeeze through small entry points, so it’s always wise to give your home a thorough inspection for any spaces such as gaps around doors and windows, small cracks or holes where cables or pipes enter your home, or any other small opening a mouse can easily fit through. Seal all these points with caulk or foam insulation to prevent any rodent from sneaking in.

2. Keep Your Home Clean
Dirty homes with easy access to food almost always attract rodents. Keep your home clean, especially the kitchen, as it’s the place in the home where food is regularly prepared. Make sure all the food in your kitchen is stored in tight containers that are hard for rodents to access, and don’t leave garbage lying around. For optimal control, empty the trash regularly and use a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid to prevent rodents from getting in.

3. Keep Your Yard Tidy
Rodents love cluttered environments. Don’t give them a place to hide. Clear away any yard waste or piles of debris, and keep overgrown vegetation in check. Regularly sweep your porches, decks and pathways, and try to limit any unnecessary clutter around the exterior of your home.

4. Use Mice Repellents
There are a few natural indoor mice repellents you can use to keep them at bay. They include using peppermint oils and crushed up loves of garlic. Alternatively, you can set up electronic repellents that emit high-frequency sound waves that are unpleasant for rodents.

5. Call In Professional Help
If you’ve tried all the above methods and are still having trouble preventing mice from coming into your home, it is time to call in professional help. A pest control company can assist you with rodent exclusion and placing traps to catch any remaining pests.

By following the tips above, you can keep your home free of mice and other rodents this January. Always remember that prevention is the best remedy, and taking the necessary precautions can save you a lot of trouble and headache. With a few proactive measures, you can ensure that your home remains pest-free throughout the winter months.