Tips For Preventing Spider Infestations In Your Home

Spiders are one of the most feared pests, sometimes with good reason and sometimes due to a phobia. The phobias are not always irrational, a brown recluse or a black widow bite can cause a very bad reaction that may land you in the hospital or worse. This is why spider control and prevention is important for your comfort in the home or safety.

Alternatives to pesticides

Everyone turns to pesticides when they have to deal with pests. It’s right there in the name after all. However, spiders are resilient to certain commercial pesticides, because their bodies rarely touch the ground due to their long legs. So when you spray insecticide on a surface, it is unlikely to actually poison the spider. On the other hand, if you manage to spray a small crevice through which the spider travels, you are much more likely to be effective, or if you are able to spray the spiders directly.

Removing food sources

One of the ways you can control a spider population is to remove their food sources from your home. Spiders feed on insects, so if you keep your home free of other creepy crawlers, spiders will not have any reason to be around. Flying insects are of particular interest to spiders – flies, mosquitoes, and others. These insects are attracted either to light or to food that is out in the open in the home.

Glue traps

While pesticides may or may not be effective, glue traps can definitely help you out. They can be either boards, or they can have a box shape (in order to avoid sticking to anything or anyone else). Glue traps sometimes come with a bait, some companies adding a scent that attracts spiders. However, you can bait them yourself. All you have to do is catch a fly or mosquito and put it in the glue. You then have to place the trap in a place that the spider is likely to see or travel. The trap will be particularly effective if it is placed in a dark, quiet area, such as between the furniture and a wall.

If you are still having trouble with spiders after you have used glue traps, your infestation may be larger than it first seems. At this point, you will need the help of a specialist. Contact us today for more information on spider control or to set up an appointment.