What You Need To Know About Spiders

Spiders are predatory insects that can spin silk. They form the largest portion of the Arachnid group, which they share with ticks and scorpions. Most spiders have the ability to inject venom into their prey in order to either paralyze or kill it. Currently, there are over 40,000 known spider species all over the world, and they are at least 318,000,000 years old. However, only a handful of these species will infest a home in the US.


The body of a spider has two segments, one called the cephalothorax and one called the abdomen. The cephalothorax can be considered the head, but it also has legs on it. The mouth of a spider is formed by the jaws, labium and labrum, with the jaws being used to hold the prey in place and inject venom into it, while the latter two parts are used to maneuver the food into the mouth.

Spiders also have antennas known as pedipalps which they use to navigate their surroundings, but some species will also use these antennas as an extra pair of limbs to shape webs and capture prey. Not only that, but the pedipalps are also used during reproduction, with male spiders having larger pedipalps.


Spider silk is composed of protein strands, being the strongest-known natural fiber. The silk is mostly known for the webs spiders create, but spiders have the ability to produce as many as seven different types of silk, each with its own unique function. On top of that, not all spider species use silk to create webs, with some species actively chasing down or stalking their prey.


All spiders are capable of biting, but most bites are either very weak, or about as strong as a bee sting. There are however species that have life-threatening bites, but luckily, most of these species tend to be shy. The venom can work on one of two principles depending on the species: it either attacks the nervous system, or it attacks the tissue near the bite area, creating a necrotic wound.

Dealing with spiders

While most spider species are harmless, two of them: the brown recluse and the black widow, can be quite dangerous, and they are common in home infestations. If you see a spider and you are not sure if it is one of these two species, contact us right away and we can perform an inspection or get the infestation under control.