What To Do If There Is A Dead Mouse In The Home?

House mice will enter the home looking for food, shelter or water, and once they are in, they are likely to stay until they die. Not only can the mice cause damage to the home and spread diseases after they enter, they also leave behind a rotting corpse after they die, which can be very dangerous to the health of the inhabitants. This is also a problem when you use poisons to deal with a large mouse infestation – you have no control over where they die.

Signs that there is a dead mouse in the home

One of the signs that there is a dead mouse in the home is an odor of decay. The longer the mouse has been dead for, the stronger this odor will become, and it will be strongest right near the mouse. As such, you can use the odor to try to detect where the dead body is located. The mice can die behind furniture, under appliances and even inside the walls of the home. You may also start to notice blow flies in the home. These flies are large, and they have a metallic green or blue coloration.

Removing a dead mouse

Dead mice can be filled with pathogens, so you have to be careful when removing them. Make sure that you wear protective gloves, and that you spray disinfectant in the area after you’ve removed the carcass. You can place the dead mouse in a garbage bag, but then you have to make sure that you tie it up and dispose of it immediately. The same goes when cleaning up mouse droppings and urine.

What to do if you spot a dead mouse in the home

Seeing a dead mouse in the home is an indication that there is a larger infestation going on. This infestation will have to be removed quickly, because not only can mice cause damage inside the home, they can also spread numerous dangerous diseases. To remove an infestation, your best bet is to call over a pest control pro. A pro will be able to ensure that the infestation is removed completely, and that there are no mice, dead or alive, left inside the home.

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