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    Get rid of any kind of pest or wildlife at your property with First Rate Solutions, a reputable pest control company that serves Dutchess county and can help with all your pest control woes.

    As we are leading exterminators in upstate New York (NY), we have been providing committed and reliable pest control services all over Dutchess county for decades. People all around the county love us for our relentless services with a proven track record.

    As Dutchess county has been facing a lot of pest issues, we have created innovative solutions to exterminate any kind of pest at your residential and commercial properties. We have extended our pest control & removal services to Beacon and Poughkeepsie that covers all the townships and villages of Dutchess County.

    Why are We Best Bet in Dutchess County NY?

    1. We know hooks and nooks of the county to reach you promptly.
    2. Cost-effective and High-quality inspection and exterminating services.
    3. Award-winning and Accredited by various environmental agencies.
    4. We can handle any kind of pest like ants, bees, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, wild animals, termites, and more.
    5. Environmentally friendly pest control services.
    1. Very competitive prices with no compromise of quality.
    2. Free in-home estimation and consulting.
    3. Fully equipped with the latest inspection and extermination techniques, devices and tools.
    4. Ensure minimal or no damage to your properties with 100% extermination.
    5. Time-bound extermination with 100% transparency.

    Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach

    As we strictly follow the environmental guidelines, we have been implementing an integrated pest management approach in all areas we serve. With this approach, we inspect and exterminate pests in an eco-friendly manner by streamlining in a phased approach. IPM implemented in the following manner.

    1. Pest Inspection: Deciding the extent of impact of the pest infestation inside your property which concludes with if pest control process service is needed or not.
    2. Monitoring and Identifying pests: We will identify the type of pest that invaded and infested your property.
    3. Pest Prevention: We will ensure that no more pests enter your property to infest more.
    4. Pest Control: Once the identification process has been carried out, we will start the extermination. In this process, we will use appropriate pest extermination techniques to clean up your home or commercial property. We strictly follow the guidelines of environmental agencies for effective extermination.

    Serving Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster and Orange Counties.

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