How Garden Spiders Are Controlled

Garden spiders are a common species around the world, and as their name suggests, they like to hangout in gardens. They are also known as orb weavers, because they build orb-shaped webs. The main issue with these spiders is that they can spread these giant webs all over a property, and here is what happens when you call over a pest control professional to remove them from the garden.

Are garden spiders dangerous?

Garden spiders are mostly considered nuisances, because they do not cause damage to the home and they do not pose a threat to the homeowners. The main problem with these spiders is that they create a ton of spider webs, and they look very threatening. That’s not to say that garden spiders do not bite people, but their bite is no stronger than a bee sting. They have fairly weak venom, especially when you compare it to the venom of black widows and brown recluses. Bites are fairly rare though, because garden spiders are very shy and will do their best to avoid contact with people.

The control process

In order to control garden spider infestations, you need to both remove existing populations and to prevent new ones from showing up. To these ends, a pro will use various insecticides. For the removal process, you have fast acting insecticides that will destroy the spiders quickly, and for the prevention process, residual insecticides are used, which will create areas of the property that will be inaccessible to these spiders. Baits may also be used, because they can be set and they will prevent future spider infestations from happening by drawing the spiders to poisoned food.

In certain situations, homeowners will prefer the exclusive use of baits, rather than residual insecticides, because the baits are the greener option. However, both options are very safe, and there are not that many beneficial insects that will be affected by residual insecticides. Ultimately, the pest control team that you are working with will advise you on the best product for the job, and provide you with all the information you need about the pros and cons of each option.

If you have any questions about garden spiders or the garden spider control process, or if you have an infestation on your property that needs to be removed, contact us today and we will help you out.