Field Ants Build Unsightly And Destructive Nests In Yards

Field Ants Build Unsightly And Destructive Nests In Yards, And They Are Known To Spray Formic Acid On People’s Skin When They Invade Homes

Ants are one of those invasive insect pests that are a constant presence within and around homes, with even the cleanest homes falling victim to ant foragers. They are also one of those insect pests that become an especially big problem during warmer months, intruding upon our spring and summer picnics, barbecues, and any other social gatherings involving food. Field ants are one of the most common of these ant pests found in and around homes.

Field ants are small to medium in size at around 1/10 to ¼ inch long. They can range widely in color, with some being dark brown or black and others red or red and black. Field ants build their nests in loose soil often located near rocks and building foundations. They can build unusually large nests, with loose soil piled in mounds atop the surface that can span as much as a foot in diameter. These giant nests can be unsightly to say the least, and while field ants don’t generally nest indoors, they will often build these nests underneath or immediately adjacent to the foundations and exterior walls of homes. This gives them easy access into that home and the sources of food and water inside it, allowing them to forage inside the building for sustenance. Field ants can be spotted while they are foraging inside a home, but when nesting next to the foundation, winged reproductives from the colony will also sometimes emerge inside homes accidentally. The most obvious sign of a field ant problem is the foot wide mound they pile on top of their nests.

Thankfully, despite their ugly giant nests, field ants don’t pose much of a danger to humans and are more of a nuisance pest. They do not have a stinger, so they can’t sting people. However, when feeling threatened, field ants will pinch thin areas of a person’s skin and spray formic acid on the small wound. This doesn’t pose any kind of actual threat to your health, but can cause short-lived stinging pain. Although, the effects can actually be neutralized with a paste made up of baking soda and water.

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