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Why The Little Black Ants That Are Prevalent In New York State Can Be Very Difficult To Eliminate From Infested Homes

With the exception of flies, residents of New York state consistently rank ants as the most frequent home-invading insect pests. Luckily for New York residents, the ant species that inflict… read more →

Tips To Prevent Pest Invasion On Your Rental Property

When you own a rental property, there are certain types of tenants you do not want. You do not want bugs and rodents to take up residence in your property.… read more →

What Does It Mean When Pests Are Referred To As ‘Occasional,’ ‘Peridomestic,’ And ‘Domestic’ Species, And Which Of These Three Types Of Pests Are Most Difficult To Control?

Many common pests of homes and buildings are not well adapted for indoor life. Examples include overwintering pests like boxelder bugs, seasonal pests like psocids, moisture-dependent pests like millipedes, and… read more →

Do Biting Stable Flies Overwinter Within Urban And Suburban Homes?

Do Biting Stable Flies Overwinter Within Urban And Suburban Homes? The airborne insects commonly known as house flies (Musca domestica), and their many similar looking relatives like blow flies and… read more →

The Non-Native Asiatic Wall Spider Has Evolved To Live Solely Within Homes And Buildings Throughout New York State

A countless number of spider species can be found in the state of New York, and most of these species inhabit rural areas where they are very rarely encountered by… read more →

Interactive Pest & Insect Games For Kids!

LOVE GAMES? PLAY THE INTERACTIVE INSECT AND PEST GAMES, OR TRY TO ACE OUR QUIZZES ON BUG TRIVIA. Mysterious and exciting, the world of pests challenges us to understand what… read more →

Mosquito Prevention a Must For Homeowners this Season

Mosquito Prevention a Must For Homeowners this Season To prevent the health risks that can potentially accompany an already-pesky mosquito bite, be sure to follow these mosquito prevention tips from… read more →

What Do Bed Bugs Do When Their Human Host Is In His/Her Deepest State Of Sleep During The Early Morning Hours? 

Unlike many parasitic organisms, bed bugs do not remain attached to their blood host at all times; instead, they secretly cohabitate with their human host by hiding in concealed spaces… read more →

Summer Season Calls for Increased Protective Measures Against Mosquitoes and Ticks

First Rate Solutions encourages the public to wear insect repellent when spending time outdoors Mosquito and tick populations are on the rise again as the country enjoys the summer season.… read more →

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