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The Factors That Make Bed Bugs Exceptionally Unique Insect House Pests

The common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is one of the most frequently managed insect pest species within homes and buildings throughout the US, and many pest control professionals agree that… read more →

Why Is House Mouse Behavior Within Homes And Buildings So Complex, And Why Are They More Difficult To Control Than Other Rodent Pests?

Experience with crushing bugs and being a skilled bug-spray marksman will not qualify a person for a job as a pest control professional. In fact, there are several pest management… read more →

Tips To Prevent Pest Invasion On Your Rental Property

When you own a rental property, there are certain types of tenants you do not want. You do not want bugs and rodents to take up residence in your property.… read more →

Field Ants Build Unsightly And Destructive Nests In Yards

Field Ants Build Unsightly And Destructive Nests In Yards, And They Are Known To Spray Formic Acid On People’s Skin When They Invade Homes Ants are one of those invasive… read more →

At What Time Of Year Do Foul-Smelling Oriental Cockroaches Invade Homes In Large Numbers?

While Oriental cockroaches primarily live outside, they will enter homes when the weather outside becomes inhospitable to their survival or their population outside gets so large that the pests run… read more →

How Do The Three Primary Cockroach Pests In New York State Enter Homes, And How Do They Contaminate Human Foods And Indoor Surfaces?

Along with flies and ants, cockroaches are the most common indoor insect pests in the world, and they are probably the most hated as well. In addition to being aesthetically… read more →

The First Thing Seasoned Pest Control Professionals Do When Inspecting Homes For House Mice

Experts say that rodent pests are becoming more prevalent in urban and suburban regions throughout the world, and pest control companies in the US are feeling this increase. The seemingly… read more →

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Pest-Proofing Homes

Very few people become excited upon finding insect pests within their home, and even the most die-hard of insect enthusiasts dread the possibility of their home becoming infested with insect… read more →

How Did The Non-Native Pavement Ant Arrive In The US Where It Is Now The Most Common Ant Pest?

The three most common ant pests in the northeastern United States are commonly known carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. Carpenter ants are easily recognizable for being noticeably… read more →

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